Institute of Complementary & Alternative Therapies

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385 The West Mall Suite 501, Toronto, Ontario, M9C 1E7, Canada
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By M.G.

5 4 days ago
I have been looking for a course that is comprehensive and easy to fit into a full time work schedule. I believe there should be more courses like this available as conventional 'schooling' doesn't work for everyone. Thank you for providing such an awesome course!
By Joel M Via Google

5 3 months ago
My wife took the RMT course at ICAT. We were first impressed that they were the only school that could complete the course in 1 year. This was huge for us as other schools take 2 or 3 years and cost much more not only in cost (3 years vs. 1) but more importantly, the time savings which was huge! My wife was able to get placed almost immediately and started earning money right away while her friends that were enrolled elsewhere were still in class. She was able to pay off her tuition very fast as she had started her career much more quickly than we had originally thought. If you are looking to take and RMT course, we highly recommend ICAT.
By John Pennie Via Google

1 Jul 20, 2015
Absolutely garbage school. Attended for a semester and demanded a refund so I could go learn somewhere else. Anywhere else. Shirlee Rankin is a close-minded, petty little person and does not deserve to be known as an educator. She displayed many poor personality traits while I was in attendance including, but not limited to: bullying behaviour, shameful displays of name-calling, belittling students, and was physically and verbally aggressive and abusive. Take your money elsewhere.